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Sugar Process Chemicals

Our Sugar Process Chemicals are specially formulated to cater to the needs of sugar mills. These chemicals are safe to use and widely used in the food processing industry. Our range of chemicals includes mill sanitation biocides, syrup clarification floatation aids, and evaporator antiscalants. Trust us to provide you with the best quality chemicals for your sugar mill.

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Mill Sanitation Chemicals

Our mill sanitation chemicals are formulated to effectively clean and sanitize your mill equipment, ensuring a safe and hygienic production process.

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ANTIREX is a highly effective evaporator antiscalant that prevents scaling and fouling in industrial evaporators.

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Colour Precipitant

ASHAION 811 is a reliable solution for the sugar process industry, enhancing the quality of sugar by acting as a colour precipitant.

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Our acidic and alkaline descaling solution is specially formulated for the sugar industry, effectively removing mineral buildup from equipment and improving overall efficiency.


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Our scale softener is a highly effective solution for softening scale in evaporating bodies, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

Scale Softner

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ASHABOOST is a reliable solution for maintaining the pH level in spray ponds in sugar industries, ensuring the quality of water used in the production process.

Spraypond Chemicals

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Viscosity Reducer is a liquid pan aid that effectively reduces the viscosity of syrup and massecuites.

Viscosity Reducer

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